New General Catalogue

New General Catalogue


New General Catalogue available with many new products as:
Download pdf General Catalogue V01/14


New range of aluminium cylinders: Single acting with lock nut SAT, Single acting spring return with lock nut and  stop ring SATM, Double acting DDA, Double acting hollow piston DAH.
Now available cylinders up to 1.100 Tn on models SPR, STR and STX.
New range of  production cylinders with metric thread DM and UN thread DI.


Air hydraulic pumps up to 1.000 bar.
Synchronized lifting Systems HAS.
Split-Flow powerpacks, with manual valve HFM and with solenoid valve HFE.
Hydrotest pumps HAP.
Bolt tensioner.
Torque wrench pumps HAT.
Battery powered pump HAB.


Hoses with working pressure up to 1.100 bar and up to 1.800 bar.
Twin hoses for torque wrenches, AR.
Quick couplers up to 1.500 bar.
Digital pressure gauge, AVD07080.


New range of square drive torque wrenches, LAS.
New range of hexagon torque wrenches, LAX.
New range of punching heads, PH.
New range of crimping tools: battery powered CB, crimping heads CH and self-contained CM.



High tonnage air service jacks, HL, for mining applications.