FA Self-centering Pullers

Self-centering Puller (FA) available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 Tn.

Ergonomic, self centering of the jaws provides easy setups on pulling jobs.

The large jaw opening allows bigger diameter reach and spread which makes the puller more versatile.

Self-centering Puller includes the hydraulic components and mechanical components.

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Capacity (Tn) 10 20 30 50
Model FA1000 FA2000 FA3000 FA5000
Hydraulic Part JH01204/1 JH02205/1 JH03005/1 JH06008/1
Mechanic Part FA1000/M FA2000/M FA3000/M FA5000/M



Model FA1000 FA2000 FA3000 FA5000
Capacity (Tn) 10 20 30 50
Model JH01204/1 JH02205/1 JH03005/1 JH06008/1
Cylinder SH01204 SH02205 SH03005 SH06008
Pump W00307 W10707 W22307 W22307
Hose AP2015 AP2015 AP2015 AP2020
Gauge adaptor AZ1501 AZ1501 AZ1501 AZ1501
Pressure Gauge AV10008 AV10008 AV10008 AV10008
Male half coupling AZ3120 AZ3120 AZ3120 AZ3120
Hollow threaded saddle AZ0551 AZ0552 AZ0553 AZ0556



Capacity Model A B max. Weight self-centering puller drawing
Tn LARZEP mm mm kg
10 FA1000 50 – 350 320 25
20 FA2000 70 – 480 340 49
30 FA3000 90 – 680 420 76
50 FA5000 120 – 1080 750 177