General Features – Tools

Our tools make the most complicated and heavy jobs easier. We have a wide range of tools including: Chain cutters, Cable cutters, Nut splitters, Pullers, Spread Cylinders, Lifting Cushions, Dynamometers and Load Cells.


Chain cutters

Designed for chain and high resistance bar cutting. Models are available with either self contained pump, or for powering by a separate pump.


Cable cutters

For operation in any place and position, the cable cutters make heavy jobs easier in forced and uncomfortable positions or on difficult access places like poles, shafts or high-voltage towers.


Nut splitters

To remove seized and corroded nuts. The cutting heads will cut in most positions, making it easier for the most complicated and tight locations. Those tools are widely used in mining, shipyards or refineries.



We offer several series of pullers, from 5 to 50 Tn to cover most pulling applications.
Available in 2 Grip puller, 2 and 3 Grip puller, Cross Bearing puller, Self-centring puller, Bearing Cup puller and Bearing puller.


Spread Cylinders

Used for machine positioning, maintenance operations, spacing pieces, etc.
They are included in our CA series maintenance sets.


Dynamometers and Load Cells

The 5Tn and 10Tn dynamometers are used to measure loads in tension, commonly used in tensile testing. The 5Tn and 10Tn load cells read loads in compression.


Lifting cushions

Pneumatic cushion made of friction resistant material, very useful for lifting loads, in very tight locations or in areas where you need to spread the footprint of the load over a greater area; I.E. on uneven earth or unstable flooring. Often used in rescue operations, rubble lifting in collapses, etc.