HAT Torque Wrench Pumps

Tanks from 5 to 14 litres.

Push button controlled solenoid valves.

Internal safety valve set at 700 bar to prevent over pressure.

Precision adjustable pressure regulating valve.

For use with double acting torque wrenches.

Supplied with a 3 metre cable with push button pendant.

Easy to operate: Pressing the button advances the tool and when releasing it retracts automatically.

4 ways / 2 positions valve.

Option: Heat exchanger. Add ‘H’ to the reference.

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Tank Flow at 700 bar Flow at 60 bar Valve 50Hz Single Phase 60Hz Single Phase 50/60Hz 3 Phase Power
l l/min l/min Ways / Positions 230V 115V 230V 115V 230V 400V kW
5 0,36 4 4/2 HAT7291 HAT7295 HAT7293 HAT7296 HAT7292 HAT7294 0,75

10 0,36 4 4/2 HAT7391 HAT7395 HAT7393 HAT7396 HAT7392 HAT7394 0,75

14 0,36 4 4/2 HAT7491 HAT7495 HAT7493 HAT7496 HAT7492 HAT7494 0,75